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One thing I've learned since launching Savvy Shopkeeper is that Shopkeepers are anxious to LEARN.

You want to market your business, you want to manage it well, you want it to be successful but you also want time to do more of what you LOVE - this could spending time with family, spending time being creative, enjoying a hobby, being outdoors, etc.

After blogging for 2 years and offering multiple free products and downloads to help shopkeepers, I realized there wasn't one central location where you could access these resources. 

You could read through dozens and dozens of blog posts on Savvy Shopkeeper but my goal isn't to frustrate you or send you on an expedition for helpful information - my mission is to help and support Shopkeepers!

So I started the Shopkeeper's Academy to make it easy for all kinds of shop owners to learn, grow and succeed.

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Savvy Shopkeepers Free Facebook Group

The Savvy Shopkeepers Facebook Group is for women:

1)  Who own or manage a brick and mortar store

2)  Makers who have online shops (Etsy, Website, etc)

3)  Who run online boutiques and other retail shops


Savvy Shopkeepers is a free group for women shop owners!  Whether you own a brick and mortar store or you're a maker with an online shop - we discuss all things retail.

Ask questions, connect with other shop owners, get advice and stay motivated! 

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Customer Avatar Workbook

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75 Social Media Posting Ideas for Shopkeepers

1 Lessons

Do you run out of ideas when posting on Facebook & Instagram?

If you post on social media just one time a day, 7 days a week, you are sharing 365 posts per year.  If you post twice a day, you are sharing 730 posts per year!

This list will help you all year long - just print it, post it somewhere and use the list to spark some creativity and posting throughout the year.

Facebook Business Page Checklist

1 Lessons

Email Subscriber List Template

1 Lessons

You should consider your email list as GOLD. Why?  Because once your customers voluntarily provide you with their email addresses, this is data that can't be taken away from you. 

You don't own Facebook or Instagram.  So even though you have the privilege to post to your business accounts every day, nothing is guaranteed.  We've all heard the horror stories of people accumulating thousands of followers to just one day find their whole account is gone and they don't know why.

I highly encourage all shop owners to own their own data - your customer's email addresses should be at the top of the list!

Opening a Brick and Mortar Store Checklist
How to Know if You're Prepared to Pitch to Retailers {Checklist}